Institutions seeking external expert reviewers of teaching and learning portfolios have typically struggled to identify suitably experienced reviewers of teaching portfolios for promotion purposes. This becomes even more critical in promotion to senior levels when the emphasis of contribution is on teaching excellence.

This site will document the process of consultation and engagement with the tertiary education sector to investigate the feasibility of developing a process of expert peer review of teaching portfolios for promotion using institutional criteria and potentially for recognition using external standards. The reviewers will be recolonized teaching and learning experts and will have undergone a process of training.

The intended outcome is to propose and trial a strategy for eternal peer review of teaching by teaching and learning experts who are trained to review against institutional and external criteria.

This activity will engage with individuals, organisations and associations whose members have expertise in a range of different aspects of teaching and learning. The Australian stakeholders in the tertiary education sector, organisations, institutions and individuals will be fully engaged and widely consulted.

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